Senior Moments

by Jem Croucher


Save me from senior moments
They are getting worse and worse
So before I lose the plot completely
I’ll write some down in verse

This morning, prime example
And perhaps one of the best
I got up when my alarm went off
Got washed and shaved and dressed

Went down to make a coffee
Have some breakfast, use the loo
Then noticed from the kitchen clock
That it was only half past two!

And there are other things I’m doing
(or not, as case may be)
Little instances of forgetfulness
Or sheer stupidity

I left the book I’m reading in the fridge
My keys, still in the latch
And went out wearing slippers
When I had a train to catch

But the other day, to cap it all
I looked an utter berk
As I walked straight past my house, you know
On my back home from work

I quite like these senior moments though
As they take place along the way
Because they each provide a giggle
To help brighten up the day

Photo by Jempics

[NB “The Winter Ghosts” by Kate Mosse is a really good read. Highly recommended]

15 Comments to “Senior Moments”

  1. Oh boy.. LOL

  2. YEP! That just about sums up MY life as I approach 65 at an ever increasingly fast pace 😀

  3. funny! I put the milk in the lazy susan in the cabinet…had to throw that out…

  4. The best read of my day….still 🙂

  5. Lol. Can often relate to this! 😊

  6. A scary giggle in deed and witty poetry.

  7. there go I, its worrying

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