Lesson From A Tree

by Heather's Starting End


Still holding on, strong, erect,
In a spectacular color of dress
Vowing to bring beauty to days,
In the face of natures death

Fall seasons essence, you remain,
As the time comes, you don’t contest
To shedding your dressing, all with grace
With first gusts, of the Winters breath

Let me, be as you,
As this seasons rolls in,
Find warmth in the roots of my home
Not fight the unsettling, grey days to come,
Know it’s this way, for Spring to be born





4 Comments to “Lesson From A Tree”

  1. Beautiful. I can hear it in your voice now. Lovely.

  2. This is lovely. It encompasses my feelings and expresses my very own season. I just went through Autumn and now I am getting settled, warm and contented in the fact that things have to change, move on, dissolve and shed for additional beauty to emerge. It is hard losing things, people, close friends and loved ones but I believe that hope lies in knowing that just beyond Winter is a beautiful Spring. This poem expresses that clearly.. 🙂

    • Such a beautiful reply, Angelique. Thank you so much for your time and the perfect insight!!! You said it all to perfection. I thank you kindly for such appreciation and am always most honored when someone can get something out of what I write. I wish you, an amazing day, you just made mine pretty special! Hugs, H.

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