Feeding the ducks

by Jem Croucher


The pond by the cottage was frozen this morning
And the ducks had nowhere to go
We found them down in the sunshine
Where the oak tree and daffodils grow

Some had found a little water
Where they could swim and float
But most were waddling on the grass
In their winter coats

We had some bread in an old bread bag
And they were grateful that we came
So, scattering it on the grass for them
We watched and smiled again

[This poem captures a moment from a time when my children were young. On the way to school most mornings we’d pay a visit to the duck pond across the way from the school. A few pleasurable moments feeding a few scraps of bread to them has made for a lifetime of wonderful memories; snapshots that can never be taken away. Smiles in my mind].


4 Comments to “Feeding the ducks”

  1. Such a lovely poem. Perfect for the season. I like how you shared the background of the poem, I find that always makes it more full.

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