Many more numbers

by Colly


Thank you, thank you.

You are number one 1.

This story has just begun.

Now two 2 begin this counting tail.

Here is our prospect, Mr. Snail.

Greeting’s say’s Mr. Snail.

Stepping up to the front stage.

He talks about his three 3 ideas to change our town.

First better roads with less potholes.

An indoor skateboard park.

And better care if you get sick.

The townspeople clap.

Some laugh.

This speech isn’t funny, ssh.

No, this speech sounds great!

Grab a plate.

Eat some steak.

That’s number four 4 walking in the door.

It’s now going on five 5.

As they dine and listen to Mr. Snails speech.

Mr. Snail doubles his promises.

He suggests six 6 changes while talking.

Those, extra, changes include:

More jobs so people can work.

Better daycare for parents.

And books to buy for the library.

It’s Benjamen’s turn to talk now.

He says he can change seven 7 things in our town!

In his speech, he even promised a new skating rink.

But he has made promises before he couldn’t keep.

So no one believes him now.

He’s so outspoken.

Maybe he will keep his promises.

Eight 8 times out of nine 9.

Ten 10 things never get done.


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