Outsourced Love

by Venkat


where eagles let sparrows
adorn their sinewy feathers
swoop for worms in burrows
tied to same breath as brothers

where walls of monies divide
one world to feed the others
straddling with feet astride
outsourced legs of brothers

where love grows abroad
on someone else’s heart
playing wiser than God
ends written before a start

whither are we so bound?
borrow other’s working mind
leave so ours to rusted ground
squeaky as old mills ever grind

whence was our journey made
to let our life, lived by others?
be someone’s script left to fade
make a business of brothers?

an age of outsourced vision
a dangling Damocles sword
waiting to bleed our reason
an end, one could ill afford

in one’s sheath of blood, water
to flow aloft in a private stream
made are we, to fall into a gutter
leap off skin, sell souls for a dream

image: offervault.com

2 Comments to “Outsourced Love”

  1. A brilliant poem, venkat . . . You lay bare the soulessness of a society that no less than in the age of slavery traded in human flesh for a better bottom line . . . I think you should submit this to The New Yorker . . .

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