Priceless, Intact Artifacts

by Colly

pretty girl classic

Blithely, this lord plays his mandolin.
Scant, theatrical, cloth drapes o’er masculinity.
Whilst maidens dream of possible engagement.
Hearts bow for desirous love.
Solidarity graces their fellowship.
Loose attire unveils their nudity.
Cloth purposefully accentuates ivory deity.
Pictures can easily defy modesty.
Re-define beauty or sexual attraction.
Small – large breast significant in acclaim.

Oft cherub’s midriffs, loins voluminous.
Contentment shows in their continence.
Outline inside ti’s really of notable fame.
Ivory frames herald rose colored buds.
Cupid’s contrast vivid, yet, subtle sexually.
Pictures easily cross boundaries.
Disdain dress whilst gilding nudity, aghast…!
Impression of perfection is in imperfection.
Chestnut, gilded hues color perception.
Perhaps artists dream only to replicate these?
Motif, portrait, timeless artistry;
Priceless, stimulates the appetite.
Thus muse a poet spreads o’er a page.

Photo: internet clip art

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