by Heather's Starting End


Waiting I was, I had always been,
The question was always for what
A moment, a feeling, opportunity perhaps,
While the answers, I know, I had already got

I waited for change in my life and it came,
Then wished it would go away
Realized this change, I did not want,
Then wished and waited
To have my old way

While waiting for sun in a midday storm,
The beauty of rain was missed
To close the umbrella and dance carefree,
While on my skin, by its droplets I’m kissed

I once waited for summer in winter,
That was the year I missed the spring
Missed all the flowers with scent of new life,
Missed the birds when to me,
They did sing

Waiting for morning I missed my dreams,
As I laid awake that night
Daybreak came, the stars had gone,
No fairytale visions from sleep came to sight

When I waited for love and I got it,
Waited so long till it came
I just couldn’t believe that I had it,
And then waited to be left,
All alone once again

To wait on the words “I love you”
With my ears open, but eyes then shut
I missed all your gestures, clues, the signs,
That showed me you loved me,
And just how much

Sadder than rain, love, spring and dreams,
Was waiting to grow, with my years hurried through
During that time the most precious was missed,
While I lost sight of the joy of my very own youth





9 Comments to “Waiting”

  1. Beautiful Heather! Beautiful!

  2. Simply lovely! You are very talented.

  3. Gorgeous, resounding above already stated…!

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