Looking Up

by graypoet

“When you get to the bottom, many times you find a hole with your name on it..”

Charles Townsend

There are times when you look at life
And wonder how you got in this position
Is it that you give to much of yourself
Or expect someones love without question.

Everyone defines their own boundary lines
Are they clear or are they rather blurred
Because if they aren’t clear and trusted
Too many times, hurting others has occurred.

What happens when trust comes under fire
When a distraction causes one to drift away
Do you step back and let them share a heart
Or do you build up the way and pull away.

If it happens it’s easy to sink to a low
Hitting bottom because pain becomes too much
Maybe it creates a chance to begin looking up
But often we pull away and just lose touch.


6 Comments to “Looking Up”

  1. You last line says it all…..but eventually we DO bounce back and look up 🙂

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing…!!

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

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