Friend or Loser

by graypoet


Lots of thoughts floating in my mind
probably surprising the different kind
Yet it seems when they fall to the page
It helps me suppress this internal rage.

Pondering the way we offer up advice
Are we unwise to say more than twice
Is any more just meddling in their affair
Or should they see how much we care.

I’m not speaking of some workplace chat
I thinking of something deeper than that
The heartfelt words with special meaning
Guiding with care, not really intervening.

Whether you admit you believe in soul mate
Two hearts joined by more than simple fate
Over and over you try to guide one from hurt
Just to see them again to their old ways revert.

Is it that they can’t stop having distractions
Even though later, they regret their actions
Or is it that you’re always there for a return
Arms out, comforting with your own concern.

In the end, who is doing more harm to the other
Which seems to be the bigger fool, the real loser
The one that keeps ignoring how much you care
Or you for swallowing your hurt, just to be there.

Oh the mind can go in so many different ways
Following one straying and the one that stays
Often we see how it will end, even from the start
Yet neither seems to be in control of their heart.

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