by Peter Notehelfer
Lance Vaughn

Lance Vaughn

It was all
about electricity
back when in youth
we dangled loose wires
in the fuse box back seat
of the car learning by braille
lessons mothers never taught
Exploration of peaks valleys
with the awkward hands
still soft with childhood
The jolt just enough
to make us sit
up straight 

You’d think
I’d have forgot
now looking back
from the advantage
of too many sports cars
Fascination with electricity
gone to horsepower as it did
the soft feel of mohair gone
to hard four on the floor
the smell of lavender
to that of leather
to let us ride
in style

I recall
the Healey’s
wooden wheel
wind in my hair
drifting the curves
8 inches off the ground
Not electricity but cocaine
coursing through veins
The car now a junk
and you a memory
whose name I
can no longer

“love is more thicker than forget
more thinner than recall”

~ e.e. cummings

4 Comments to “Recall”

  1. Days of perfect uncomplicated joy 😉

  2. Stunning image!
    and what fierce words, love that “fuse box back seat”

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