by Heather's Starting End


How do you correct mistakes that were made?
What you thought right that turned out all wrong?
I beg for forgiveness, my choices were bad
Please know all I did, was try for so long

Children think Adults have knowledge complete
We are older so that means we’re wise
What they don’t know is that we haven’t done all,
We’re growing as well, in front of their eyes

We try to show them a path they should take,
Instead of the one that they’re on
We see when they’re at a dangerous cross
Speaking loud, change direction, this one is wrong

But sometimes it’s the Child who thinks they are wise,
And that, Adults try to respect
To give them space to feel their way
Even when they’d heard us, at the crossroad they’d met

You’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t,
So now you are slammed to the wall
You’ve tried your best while growing with,
But the Child despite, does fall

So how do you say “Please change your way,
Trust that I’ll show you what’s right”
When you’ve made mistakes not being strong enough,
While letting your intuition slide

In order to give the child its reigns,
To steer life at a tender age
When their wisdom was certainly not ripe enough,
For the obstacles they’d meet on the way

How do you balance discipline with kindness,
Frustration with patience, strength with love
How do you manage raising children harmoniously,
While all alone,
Balancing all the above

You do it imperfect, but perfect for you,
At the moment, the time, it seems right
Till you turn around anguished and your wisdom this day,
Has caught up, but too late,
For the mistakes of your life





2 Comments to “Mistakes”

  1. An insightful write; needed this…!!

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