In the House of Many Years

by Peter Notehelfer
 Alf Lindberg,

Alf Lindberg,

There are fewer doors

in the house of many years

through which guests enter

as there are fewer windows

through which sunlight flows

casting ever longer shadows

on floors of fewer rooms

filled with fewer chairs

threadbare from wear 


Whereas on the shelves

in the room of many years

the volumes pile ever higher

filled with words multiplied

in lenses ground ever thicker

for eyes growing ever frailer

and lamplight ever brighter

in the room of many years

which has but one door

“Who has no home can not build now.
Who dwells alone must now remain alone . . .”

~ Ted Berrigan

4 Comments to “In the House of Many Years”

  1. Beautiful perspective. A very true deep view of our lives 🙂 ❤

  2. For some youth life is closed doors, period. Everyone ages, but do opportunities, really, not sure?
    Just know with having mid-teens looking forward to an empty nest.

  3. Just lovely… bittersweet

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