Hateful Love

by Apurva

I hate your thoughtful rightness,

your careful, balanced niceness,

the way I always give in,

even if I am winning,

I hate your naughty smiles,

your silly, stupid sighs,

They way you rile me up,

tease me, shut me up,

I hate the way I feel,

so out of control,

like a cranky little kid,

always hungry for you more.

You leave me fantasizing,

about getting all worked up,

pushing you to the wall,

head barging, fist up,

so utterly useless,

in front of

your warmness,

that intoxicating scent,

I am left helpless,

The touch of your skin

scorches through me,

igniting fire,

through every cell it sees.

I surrender once again,

powerless and frail,

in the realization,

that all i really hate,


the fact,

that I am,

truly incapable,




© Apurva

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