Life as a flower

by Jem Croucher


Below ground I lay dormant
Biding my time
Pushing up through dark soil
When the weather is fine

I have learned to stand upright
With my roots firm and strong
But it is up in the daylight
Where I truly belong

Green shoots through the frost
I stand up to the world
As soon my true beauty
Will be known and unfurled

In adolescence I grow taller
Seeking the sun
As my flowers begin budding
My life is begun

Blue mirrors the sky
As my beauty it grows
I have blossomed and flowered
And stand proud as it shows

And as the Spring gathers purchase
I mature gracefully
My blue in abundance
I am happy and free

Then, as Summer commences
With its warming new birth
My evening begins
And I return to the earth

My blue fades and withers
I shrink and grow thin
And return to the darkness
As my life starts to dim

But deep down in the soil
Though dormant, I live
Biding time for the moment
When more pleasure I’ll give



6 Comments to “Life as a flower”

  1. Such a beautiful poem! Eloquent and lovely imagery. Blue flowers are very special! 🙂

  2. I love your poem. We are all like flowers some of us take longer to blossom and bloom; some of us never bloom and reach our full potential. Others of us blossom quickly but also wilt and die quickly never to blossom again. Then there are those who blossom, wilt and die but redo blossom again. Still ohers blossom never wilting, standing firm through all the storms and seasons of life even as they age. I want to be this last kind of flower. 🙂

  3. Thanks Sue – couldn’t add to this although I, like you, aspire to be as the last. Big smiles.

  4. Absolutely delightful…!!

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