Thanksgiving’s Feast

by Colly

In mid-October thanksgiving does arrive.
Lustrous scenery wets the appetite.
Plum colored leaves decorate festively.
Limber melons flourish on evergreen.
Tropical reds are exquisite gracing the breeze.
Traditional maple, Canada’s staple, blends
in yellow, red – orange, green.
Exuberance offsets somber modes above.

Dinner is prepared and set.
Hungry faces wait in eager anticipation.
Turkey smells waft from the kitchen.
Grab a knife; slice it up nice.
Gravy pours from the sieve.
Stuffing heaps o’er the bowl.
Maple, bacon scalloped potato
decorates the table’s center.
Time to eat.

Gracious heavenly Father I
thank you for all of these.
Thy abundance sure doth please.

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