Sometimes you win

by Harry


He looked at me then quickly looked away

I saw his reaction but did not speak

I rose to my feet and headed towards the stage

I mounted the steps and then before the audience I stood


The lectern and the pointer my only tools of trade

The white board unmarked at this early stage

I cleared my throat and said my first words

“Good evening” echoed across the room


“Tonight I will take you to another world”

I smiled as the dubious muttered together

How often had I made this speech

How often did the doubtful whisper


“Imagine you have won the lottery

How would you spend the money?

You will need some expert’s advice

That expert stands before you now”


I trotted out the usual rhetoric

“Shares, Property or Bank investments

Debentures, Gold Bullion or Bonds

Where do you stand?”


As I was making my summation

A sudden movement caught my eye

I looked across to see him holding

A gun aimed directly at my head


As he fired the bullet

I really felt his pain

I had made the mistake of a risky investment

And now his total funds were gone


Dear God, if I am going to heaven

Remember I would never hurt a fly

It’s just the way the market goes


Sometimes you win

Sometimes you die

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