by Jem Croucher


The days are getting shorter
Quite unlike my face
Which gets longer by the minute
With Autumn’s quickening pace
It’s easy to get mopey
When I hear that cold wind moan
And the rain that’s splashing down outside
Confines me to my home

But there’s plenty to look forward to
And no need to complain
More frolics in the forest
Now the leaves, they fall, again
And those long walks on the beach
When the waves are big and strong
And the wind tries hard to knock
You over as you walk along

Frosty days when all around
Is crisp and sparkling white
Left over from Jack’s visit
In the deepness of the night
And maybe in the winter
It will snow again awhile
The thought of all those crystal flakes
Can only bring a smile

There are fireworks to look forward to
And Christmas after that
And then, before you know it
Springtime will be back
So I’ll find my favourite jumper
Get my hat and gloves back out
And greet each colder morning
With an expectation shout



2 Comments to “Expectation”

  1. Great poem! Taken aback for a little…

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