Pocketful of pebbles

by Jem Croucher


I have a pocket full of pebbles
But some are no longer there
Weighty, they burn a hole and yet
Their tactile pleasure keeps them there. For a while.
My pebbles are selected well
I will see them and feel them and then
When I am sure that one is right
I will add it to the others where it becomes a friend.
My pebbles do not stay for good
Sometimes I discard them. They serve a purpose
For a time they are there within easy reach
And then they are gone, washed away with another tide.



8 Comments to “Pocketful of pebbles”

  1. That is a beautiful photo and all your own work i take it.

  2. Thanks Harry – and yes, it is. Something else I dabble in is driftwood sculpture but sometimes I work with stones, pebbles and other beach related flotsam as well.

  3. aahhh – very comforting… that worry stone in my pocket… sometimes the best friend…

  4. I have a lovely smooth pebble which I keep in my wallet. No idea where it came from but its been there so long I can’t help but keep it for luck.

  5. Big smiles. I’ve got one on my key-ring – also collect stones with holes!

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