A Cry and A Sigh

by Peter Notehelfer

     I wonder
What makes the wind whistle?
What makes the surf whisper?
     Tell me
What makes floorboards creak?
What makes winter limbs crack?
Have you ever heard the sound
of the falling sugar maple leaf?

    I’d like to know
Have you ever heard the squeak
of geese wings overhead unseen?
     Pray tell
What do you hear when in silence
you attend to the chatter of life?
     Truth is
We enter this world with a cry
and one day leave it with a sigh!
     And why?
The notes scribbled in between
comprise the poetry of our lives

“Whatever makes a child want to glue macaroni on a paper plate
and paint the assemblage and see it on the refrigerator . . .”

~Robert Pinsky

4 Comments to “A Cry and A Sigh”

  1. Beautifully Expressed. 🙂

  2. love poems with questions – and yours are especially lovely – FYI, just read a fabulous and relevant book: The Art of Hearing Heartbeats by Jan-Philipp Sendker

    • Will definitely look it up and check it out . . . The season for fishing is rapidly passing; bringing on the season for reading good books – exchanging one line for another . . .

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