Seasonal Words

by Peter Notehelfer

There is no season
without its own words

The blossoms of springtime
The tart fruit of the summer
The amber leaves of autumn
The snowflakes of the winter 

There is no industry
apart from nature’s craft

The delicacy of a honeybee
The velvet caress of a peach
The scent of roasting apples
The slumb’ring winter wheat

There is no punctuation
mark that ends a love letter

The rose upon a lover’s grave
The face within a cherry frame
The chestnut canopy of grace
The cedar sliver in ones soul

It is the word unspoken
dies stillborn in the heart

“A word is dead when it is said, some say.
I say it just begins to live that day.”

~ Emily Dickinson

2 Comments to “Seasonal Words”

  1. You worked nature to fashion this poem 🙂

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