Life’s Toys

by Harry

Submitted by Jim Magee


A man spends his whole life collecting his toys
Some made for cooking – some to make noise
He gets things to somehow make his life seem free
He has a passion for living life the way he wants it to be

He always finds women to help him find more
Still – sooner or later – they’d show him the door
And whenever they did he could never prepare
For packing and moving to go – who knows where?

It would always catch him by total surprise
They would ask him to leave but never look in his eyes
They would never tell him why their life had ended
Just leave him alone & confused with his life suspended

Starting life over will always be tough
And the things that you own are never enough
But when you have to replace things time after time
It’s almost enough to make you – LOSE YOUR MIND!

“And mine’s already on the edge”
Jim Magee – Poet of the “Common” Man
Dedicated to all my “Brothers” who know exactly what I’m talking about

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