Creases Of My Skin:

by Harry

Submitted by Incoherentlyvivid

Within each crease of my skin
Lies a tale of all that has been
Fragmented upon my untarnished heart
Which feels like it’s falling apart

Each breathe I take feels heavy
Like I am inhaling every
Shard of a broken dream that clung
From the ashes of my bliss, they sprung

”Move on, and stop crying.”
Can’t you understand that I feel like I’m dying?
My lungs refuse to loosen their constriction
My mind pleads to be free of this affliction

But I can comprehend why they cannot see
Why you meant so much to me
For even with the sky blue and the ocean rough
Only a few noticed the obscured moon’s love
For the waves that brake against each other
The moon and ocean will never find another

Is that what our love is supposed to be
Will our hearts never be free
Will my lips forever be turned in a frown
Maybe I knew this way deep down
Within the creases of my skin
Where a tale lies of all that has been

3 Comments to “Creases Of My Skin:”

  1. Thank you for posting my poem(:
    Umh, but shouldn’t my name/username be included?

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