Jealousy or Loyalty

by graypoet


Today open relationships seem normal
The age of monogamy seems to be past
So is it any real surprise to thinking ones
That most relationships today seldom last.

If two people are serious about each other
They concentrate on their common ground
Neither need for a distraction or confusion
Of having another’s intimacy being around.

For some they enjoy the thrill of sharing
Whether sexual freedom or simply flirt
So they openly share whatever they like
And agree that neither feelings will hurt.

Often they find they don’t see things alike
Could it be jealousy or a need for loyalty
Words that at times are not given a place
Relationships seem to be “just wait and see”.

Jealousy can be that monster raising its head
Too often, once seen, it destroys all trust
Loyalty, when cherished, can seal two hearts
Not just keeping love alive, making it robust.

Words are thoughts that come from within
Some read without ever thinking they apply
But if you have a relationship that breaks up
Often it’s too late to look back and ask why.


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