The Way to Work

by Emily Page

Up the steps, from the Tube
Fresh air hits my lungs
The noise of busy London traffic roars.

I walk past memories,
Of happy times gone by.

The place where once you stood waiting for me, laughing.
Bright morning sun shone a halo around your smiling eyes.
I pass the park, the bench where once we sat,
Take-out coffees in hand. It was just a chat.

Thoughts of my working day ahead
Displaced once more as images of you they fill my head.

I look up, blink back tears and try to move on but can’t quite yet,
As, engines roaring her descent, a noisy jet,
Belly swollen with passengers as she comes in to land,
Fills the sky above, reminds me of the travels you made,
Of how easy it was for you to leave
Of how hard it is for me.

Feet, heavy as lead, take me on through the streets,
Past the club where you brought her to meet us once for drinks,
Laughing and affectionate you were then,
But not married.

On around the corner to where the wine bar stands,
Where we met for drinks another time,
Communicating silently, for fear that he might hear.

Thoughts of my betrayals pierce my heart
As I reach my destination.

My peace shattered once more as I
Remember you’ll never be mine now.

© Emily Page


2 Comments to “The Way to Work”

  1. A very heavy walk for you , had me right by your side.

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