Acrostic – Feather and Shadow – September 25, 2014

by Georgia



Feather and Shadow

Feather laying upon the grass caused
Eternal questions to pass through my mind …
And contemplating it on the green grass
There came to me a silly thought …
How are the wings of angels made?
Even as I thought this thought …
Reality in the form of my superego boomed:
“Angels don’t exist you know!
Not in a real material world …
Don’t waste your time here meditating …
Shower your thoughts upon this troubled world!”
How sad ’tis to have such a literal mind …
Always bringing one back to these troubled times …
(Dawn, alas, saw me awakened with a start …
Out of the blue came an offended voice as I dreamed …
“Who’s ever heard of a Stavros from Minsk?”)

(c) G.s.k. ’14

N.B. The second part of this poem is reality … I’d woken up very early this morning, around 3:00am and so I turned on my side deciding to let my mind work on a problem I’ve been trying to solve over the last couple of days … the writing of a Fornyrðislag … the words tumbled and tossed;  I guess I fell asleep.  I had just begun a “dream” of sorts, though actually it seemed more like someone reciting a fairy tale.  When the narrator introduced one of the characters as Stavros from Minsk … there it was, my dear superego and editor .. shouting: “Who’s ever heard of a Stavros from Minsk?”  Stavros of course is a Greek name and Minsk is a port in Belarus, correct as always, but so dull. I’m sorry to say I lost the fairy tale, which promised to be interesting.

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