ABC Poem … Xanadu was lost – September 25, 2014

by Georgia

Poetry challenge: ABC Poem.


Xanadu Was Lost

After the sun’s fully risen, my time is not my own …
Breakfast and hubby …
Call me from my writing in persuasive tones:
“Don’t dally on that computer all the live long day!”
Energically I lay out the repast …
Fruit, toast, yogurt and tea
(Grapes are my favorites now,
Honey sweetens our bread.)
I eat slightly lost,  meditating … for
Just a little while longer …
Knowing that the day’s begun,
Lost will be new rhymes or stories for there’s,
Much to be done during the day …
No time to sit and write. I sigh for,
Odes, Fornyrðislag or haiku  try to tempt me … they
Proclaim their time and place imperiously …
(Quickened as they often are, by a post I’d read … they
Reel inside my brain) … What to do?
Save them I must … Aha! An Idea!
Traipsing to the bathroom, notebook and pen in hand …
Under the guise of human necessity … those
Verses I save, remembering Coleridge and Kublai Khan.
Whilst I’m sure that I’m no Coleridge, still, I know,
Xanadu was lost through an interruption. So,
Zippily I copy the lines for later … before they disappear.

N.B.  There has been reference made by Coleridge of The Person from Porlock  as to why his famous Kublai Khan was never completed … whether the story is true or not anyone who’s ever had a verse (or story) fully developed before their inner eye which disappears because of an interruption can sympathise with him … I certainly do.  😉


6 Comments to “ABC Poem … Xanadu was lost – September 25, 2014”

  1. I was thinking to-day to try an abc poem.

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