Music Touches the Soul – a Bee Gee’s mood

by graypoet

How deep is your love, can it be measured
Is it for one alone, or is it something shared
One would hope it is strong enough to last
Otherwise it will be a memory in our past.

How can you mend a broken heart my friend
Can you pick up the pieces scatter to the wind
At times we feel they will never be whole again
But if you can’t start now, then ask yourself when.

To love somebody means to bring down the wall
For walking around it, giving out a questioning call
Will leave you feeling empty, wanting to be inside
Wondering why it is they feel the need to hide.

Alone – is has such a sense of finality to its voice
But all too often it seems to be the better choice
For if we can’t give enough of ourself to share
Then there is not reason to have another there.

6 Comments to “Music Touches the Soul – a Bee Gee’s mood”

  1. Fascinating take on a beautiful song. My love is deep enough to look after my husband when he is frail, on chemotherapy, on dialysis, in a wheelchair. Its not the life I expected or hoped for, but it is the one we have been given so we will see it through together.Thanks for reminding me x

    • Thank you for taking the time to look and comment. Yes, we can imagine a future, but we don’t always know what it will be until it arrives. Interesting how songs of the past can have more meaning to me now…. with the experiences.

      • Indeed, the sounds of the past have the power to lift us out of ourselves. Yesterday i took my grandson to see the helicopters coming and going at our tiny local airport. As we sat in the car eating our picnic we listened to Dire Straits on CD and he danced on the seats. It was such a magical experience and I hope he will remember the joy we both felt. He’s not even 2 yet!

      • lol… the uninhibited dance of youth. They are so much fun at that age.

  2. Always loved the bee gees

  3. Very good; thanks for posting…!!

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