Music Says So Much

by graypoet

Feelings are something we all have
Whether we try to avoid or ignore
They make us who we truly are
Without feelings, we can’t be sure.

Dreams give us a chance to get away
To look for what might yet come true
They let us escape to another time
How else could there be me and you.

Crying is not something often shown
But it is life and we’ve all shed a tear
They don’t all have to be sad ones
But they can help move on from here.

Yesterday is always easier for us to see
Harder to see what the future may hold
Try as we might to learn from a mistake
Some days can just leave us feeling cold.

Tears let us again feel those we have lost
Even if some say they are in a better place
They are missed, some more than others
Even with a tear, a smile can cross our face.

Need you now, a song that can touch a heart
Those in love can relate, missing some a lot
We may not have someone to call at a late hour
But some moments might never to be forgot.


11 Comments to “Music Says So Much”

  1. Fantastic, i’ll be back to view more.

  2. Music and poetry – my two inseparable passions!

  3. “Need You Now”….has a special place in my mind…great collection and wonderful descriptions on tears, love, loss and life.

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