Too Late

by Emily Page

Fool! All that time you had to tell him,
All those ways to show you care.
What exactly did you think would
Happen, if your soul you did lay bare?

Did you think he’d run off laughing?
Tell his friends or make you feel
More broken-hearted than he had done
All those times before? Big deal!

Didn’t you know the only way to
Happiness is through the wall
Of brave denial you had set up
Ever since he made you fall?

Ever knowing of your feelings
Did you not suppose that they
Would one day resurface boldly
Once was clear you’d walked away?

Now the only way to solace
Is to find integrity
But the path is bleak and lonely
Loveless, cold, laced with self pity.

Stand to lose too much you both do,
Families and kids will fail.
Only hope that others learn from
All the miseries of your tale.

© Emily Page


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