I, is You!

by aquietwalk


I want to tell you a story,

it takes a bit to get there

somehow I need to find the right words,

that syntax, and grammar, sort of thing.


See, I like to use music

as a visual tool to notions,

moments that help me only to say

the right thing, without going wrong.


I have this some time theory

about where we are, sort of

why we seem to be doing anything we

appear to be doing in our daily routine.


We are all given chance

an opportunity to know

what really truly matters in our simple lives,

we could really save a lot of time – you know.


Today, I’m with John Mayall

cruising down the avenue

see he shows me a certain rhythm of sound,

that cadence I need to make my story real.


So might you take a bluesy ride

one we are sure to share sound,

the sort of climbing ardent need to know ourselves

in a manner with a gentle beat of sweet ceremony …


I once held a truth

a calm sacred oath.

She suggested couth

would reduce your loath


for those souls ahead

those lacking clues

may need to be led

along a road of blues


We have a duty here

see the skies together

hold your lovely near

get to know the other


Our connection to an evening star

has wandered further away, away

gotta grow with leaps and bounds,

instead with sacrifice we look away.


Yet, the need to move with speed

screams our morbid human angst

would rather sit alone and stew

than take the time to know you.


My story lies inside that emotion

that scares me when you’re standing

nearby your greatest self serving fear,

persons of hue, that, ‘people’ is you!


© Thom Amundsen 2014


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  1. Iconoclatic . . .

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