Sympathy vs Empathy

by graypoet

Contemplating the post of a dear friend
I felt the pain that was related in word
Reading what others sent as a response
Had me wondering the feelings stirred.

Feelings of Empathy or was it Sympathy
What caused others to want to respond
Was it just a reaction to another post
Or something deeper, to move beyond.

Sympathy acknowledges another’s word
Friends giving comfort our of respect
Letting someone know that we heard
Even if it doesn’t affect us as direct.

Empathy leads one to respond deeper yet
Because you can feel yourself in their shoes
It is a personal emotion from your heart
And so words in response you try to choose.

Whether you are sympathetic or empathetic
You can share your words and help to heal
But when you relate so closely with the words
Their pain or sorrow comes back oh so real.

Even authors we don’t know except through their writing can touch a nerve:

5 Comments to “Sympathy vs Empathy”

  1. Wise man, graypoet . . .

  2. and when we feel neither, were are simply pathetic

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