by Peter Notehelfer

Looking back
we can see things
unrecognizable today
the intersection where
we might have turned
the bridge washout where
we decided to turn back
the man on the highway
we could have helped
Such is our yesterday
A map unopened
till tomorrow 

What is it
distracts us that
we miss the signs?
the windshield glare
of the fiery rising sun
the winning touch down
on a game on the radio
the girl at the gas pump
with long blond hair
Whatever: we choose
not to see a lot
of today

There will come the Tuesday
when suffering comes home

“What seemed most decisive, redemptive, was Tuesday.
Suffering really meant something to him then.”

~ Joshua Mehigan


2 Comments to “Suffering”

  1. it seems we may have been travelling similar roads this morning

  2. Very powerful and thought provoking read. Lots to think about here; for me it speaks of being awake to each moment and not allowing ourselves the ‘luxury’ of spiritually dozing off.

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