Anyone would do it

by Harry

He was a warrior and a soldier. He was a man among men

A phrase I never fully understood until I met him

He was also a gentle guy when away from action

I remember being pinned down by enemy fire

He single-handedly took on the enemy and came to my rescue

We all called him “Buddy” because that’s what he was

Before we went to sleep in the bush

We would open our eyes

To make sure “Buddy” was there

It always made us sleep easier

We wanted to nominate him for bravery awards

But he would always turn us down

“Anyone would do it” he always used to say

It was on a training exercise that we lost him

We were using live ammo when it happened

An accident was the consensus

His funeral is today

His wife is broken

“Sorry” I whispered through my tears

“I forgive you” she answered gently

Many thanks



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