by graypoet

heart patched

Have you ever been walking down the street
You hear a sound that makes you stand still
Like a voice from the past calling your name
Remembering departed ones, always will.

A stroll down the walkway of a shopping mall
Suddenly you look around because of a scent
A perfume or body was from times just past
Memories of a special lover from years spent.

Quiet moments spent watching an old movie
Tear streaked face with something of a pout
Lost in thoughts of laughter and shared love
What triggered this urge now to reach out.

Who knows what brings such moments back
Often in these dreams we would rather stay
They may come as a dream or just a flash
Not one memory would I rather give away.

2 Comments to “Flashes”

  1. Memories are magical things aren’t they? I was once in the shopping mall when someone walked past with a waft of scent and it triggered such strong deja vu it drove me crazy trying to place it – I came to the conclusion it was the scent my french teacher of many years had worn. It made me feel happy smelling it again (no idea which scent it was of course, though something classic I’m sure) and for a moment I was ten years old again.

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