by Jem Croucher


We love our little garden
It is more or less complete
Charming in the winter
But best in Summer heat

We have roses here and lavender
Jasmine on the wall
Virginia Creeper on the fence
Turns red as leaves they fall

Honeysuckle in the spring
Passion flowers and Holly
Sculptures made by our own hand
Constructed to a folly

We have a studio facing Eastwards
To catch the morning sun
And Nasturtiums in abundance
Now that Summer’s almost done

The Forsythia turns yellow
When the Springtime comes around
And now we’ve had a tidy up
Grass covers ‘most the ground

It’s not a gardener’s garden
But we love it just the same
It’s ours – that’s all that matters
In the sun, the snow and rain

5 Comments to “Garden”

  1. Serenity and peace that’s all that matters.

  2. Oh this is beautiful, absolutely my kind of poem and life! My garden has become an oasis of calm reflection for me since my MS diagnosis; it has almost become a part of me. I spend hours in the summer watching and photographing bees inside flowers; it’s just wonderful. I only hope my hands can stay strong enough to keep holding the camera; it is becoming more difficult.but I can still watch 😊

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