by graypoet

He held her hand feeling every breath she took
She watched him intently, a tender caring look
Machines, wires, tubes and sounds faded away
These moments held everything they had to say.

The battle was fought together, they were one
Never giving up, with nothing left to be done
The decades together passed by as in a dream
Seeing each other still made their eyes gleam.

All the goodbyes were said to family and friend
Hospital staff knew this was their time to spend
Tears, sorrow, anguish were emotions suppressed
They felt the joy of the years they were blessed.

A lifetime together, meeting at such a young age
As if their lives were written on the same page
There wasn’t a better place he could imagine to be
Than holding her hand, the light in her eyes to see.

They both knew that the moments left were but a few
It was so grand a legacy had been left by these two
She squeezed his hand and a tear rolled on her cheek
He knew they’d talk again with the prayer he’d speak.


4 Comments to “Forever”

  1. Beautifully and gently expressed, thank you, it struck a chord

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