How Do We React

by graypoet


Sitting in the drive-thru line this morning
Waiting for my turn to merge into the queue
When a young lady cut me off to go in first
And my reaction was wasn’t I here before you?

What makes us react to the actions around us
Isn’t there an unwritten rule to take a turn
Would she stop if I tried to force the issue
Is something of her heritage I should learn.

Common courtesy was lost with common sense
We’ve become a society of ‘me first’ today
Maybe I’m just getting older and see clear
I find I shake my head with little to say.

So I took that stance the she was just young
That she was so self-absorbed she couldn’t see
Now as I write, I pause to look back and smile
Maybe she and I both just needed morning coffee.


4 Comments to “How Do We React”

  1. This is SO good and so true. Nicest part is that you stopped to reflect at the end 🙂 …now time for my mid day coffee 😉

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