by graypoet

meet people

Looking back over the past is universal
Everyone spends some time reliving events
Those we’ve met and decisions we’ve made
Representing times of joy and some laments.

Some long to peer into the future to see
What might become of their life and dreams
Too many give the future little or no time
Living only for today, at least so it seems.

We all have those whose paths we have crossed
Maybe we paused long enough to touch a heart
Many were just acknowledged and passed on by
Some a passing breeze, nothing set them apart.

But all those together helped shaped our life
We are the sum of the experienced we shared
Whether there was time to walk together or not
I can hope the few realize how much I cared.

I’m not alone, I’ve made my share of mistakes
Maybe passing by a path I should have followed
What might have been if other choices were made
Peering into that crystal ball is not allowed.

I can only hope that those I have touched know
I too look back and see choices I could regret
But I accept my course and walk as best I can
I cherish those I’ve touched, each heart I met.


6 Comments to “Reminisce”

  1. Even I make mistakes also. Of course, even I cherish those hearts I’ve touched also

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