Arms of Compassion

by aquietwalk


In the season of autumn
when needs do shift
summer’s recreation
begins a gradual wane;
lives are soon measured
in orchestrated assemblies.
Their eyes come in fogged
by the shock crickets will
sound in the evening sky.
Hold on one more moment
before our hearts
begin our next chapter,
the rite of passage
a natural progression is
our preparatory masking.
For we are not yet
convinced of all
‘the man’ offers our lives.
Freshly sewn garments in
attention to style,
some chosen, while others
seems laid before us without an
option to suggest the absurd.
Each day through the winter
haze of icy winds
we will frown on exit
until smiles surround friends.
The arms of compassion
surround us now
as our lives become yours.
Bring us along
this journey so delightful
if delivered with a zeal
your promise suggests.
We do live to respond upon
offerings at your bequest.
Simple human nature is grinning
in the eyes of symbolic rhythms.


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