A Little Principle

by Venkat


here I paint a little secret
essence of every relationship
strange, maybe hard to get
for moments that often flip

in eagerness to move high
as a tower of cards we fall
in depth, where pearls lie
gasping for breath we crawl

every feeling that lives true
dies wounded by a design
a drawing, stuck on as glue
judging self by the same line

am I a stone of cold heart
a fire of ball, steaming anger
or a wind to erode every part
with time ever harder, longer

am I a wall of strength, divine
a paragon of a love, perfect
or made of gold to ever shine
an image of art with no defect

in this world of mutual conflict
divisions continue to pervade
as long we see them, they inflict
unaware of a truth we do evade

can I be not, as stupid as the silliest
as ordinary as you may imagine
be at same, winner of a conquest
bold, made of grace, above all sin

image: thompsonartstudio.com


4 Comments to “A Little Principle”

  1. Thank you, Venkat, for such a thoughtful honest poem . . .

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