Just one dance Daddy

by Seafarrwide
Image from artlimited

Image from artlimited

Poem by Wendy Norman (Seafarrwide)

When I was born did you feel possession as crucial as each breath you take
I was just a babe, a mere mortal, sins unknown yet to make
You wrapped me in cotton wool with a halo of gold
I was the reason for you to live were the stories untold

But did you witness how you tangled your noose
Around my neck I was like a puppet never set loose
Bid to do as you dreamed, never to fail but be your second chance
You steered my rudder with powerful force without a backward glance

I had no choice but to walk in your shadow, sink each foot in your direction
Did you not know my mind had a voice it struggled in your reflection
But my mouth wouldn’t speak the words, weakness was faster
Because I knew they would go unheard as your ego was your master

My skin whiter than a swan perfection untouched
Lovelier than mother’s speckled hide that spoke of too much
Suffering with competitive guilt not clarified
Having no choice but to go and hide

Defensive confusion of my feminine illusion
Competing with morality creates my confusion
I internalize my desires as I left her side

He can do no wrong he is so very strong
It’s my time now you’ve had him for too long
Her laugh tinkles like broken glass
As I twirl on the floor imploring applause that’s a farce

Approval to validate my feminine existence
I continue to seek with powerful insistence
His paternal arms strong, lifting me to the stars
My bonfire of joy seen from afar

Protecting me from harm as I know he would
He will give me the strength to believe in good
It’s more than a special bond it’s an exclusive connection
It can’t be dissolved even with his rejection

This love is reserved for my father like no other
Not even a sibling nor even my mother


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