Romantic Senryu – September 1, 2014

by Georgia



under the moonlight
two lovers entwined – sighing
first summer kisses

in an apple grove
soft grass and sweet perfume
a new budding love

passionate kisses
beneath the sighing palm trees
on the beach – waves crash

walking hand in hand
young lovers exchanging smiles
in the rose garden

autumn leaves falling
sitting on a park bench
remembering love


12 Comments to “Romantic Senryu – September 1, 2014”

  1. Tender . . . Beautiful . . .

  2. Oh a haiku love-story.. It’s like that old film..

  3. ah this is lovely! even in memory, the film can be rewound forever:)

  4. A short lovestory caught in a wonderful, romantic, and even sensual, series of haiku/senryu … really great Georgia.

  5. Love how each piece is different, but derived from only one scene, but no wonder, once that creative juice starts flowing, there is no stopping! You have a wonderful mind Georgia! Thank you so much for sharing!! I’m glad I stopped by to visit!

  6. Hello Georgia — I’m especially liking the love in the apple orchard — just wonderfully sweet, timeless. 🙂

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