Volcanoes In Kitchen: Humor

by Venkat


as I look behind
into yesterday’s history
volcanoes in kitchen
missiles of ballistic range
fires in eyes, holes in heart

is it a love misunderstood
a wish to lose into memories
is there a reason for these wars
is love a bundle of ore to refine

traversing the stitch of this fabric
I hit upon a button once a while
though riddled, it holds us together

love after all seems a beehive
bees, sure to sting if I muddle
to not see the honey within
perhaps a mistake of mankind

image: theguardian.com

3 Comments to “Volcanoes In Kitchen: Humor”

  1. Volcanoes in the kitchen gave me an image of Chocolate Lava cake 😛 Don’t know why.

  2. Volcanoes In the Kitchen
    I’ve seen volcanoes in the kitchen
    Not a pleasant sight to see
    It’s about the pots to clean after
    That mess caused by me

    Don’t take it out
    On the food
    Char-boiled they didn’t want to be
    Blame it on Betty Crocker
    And the cook book she gave me

    Speaking of Betty… I wrote this song… sung to “Davey Crockett”

    Born on a mountain top near General Foods
    Iced her first cake
    When she was two

    Catered her first wedding
    When she was only eight
    She’s Betty…
    Betty Crocker
    Queen of the Frosted Cakes

    These cakes are biggest
    And these cakes are best
    All of the ingredients
    Will meet the test
    She’s ahead of them all
    She’s Betty…
    Betty Crocker
    Queen of the Frosted Cakes

    So… I e-mail General Foods in Chicago… they said they use an outside advertising agency in New York… so I’m thinking of writing a poem for Duncan Hines called “Ticked Off At Betty”

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