The Bridge of Hope

by Heather's Starting End


He’s still standing on the bridge of hope,
Far away is his soul, clung to the past
Uncommitted to life and what it is now
Wanting only, what didn’t last

Those dear times of ago, he will keep her alive,
In mind snapshots, dates and calls
While hearing her memories again and again
In the tunes of their favorite songs

Comfort in past, comfort in pain
Comfort in loss of a dream
Discontent in a future that wasn’t carved out
Where there is absence of her name

He’ll look past your eyes when memories strike,
Eyes sullen, while caught deep in thought
He’ll try and tell you that all is alright,
Intuition tells you it’s not

He will tell you he loves you, which could be true,
While holding you tight through the night
But when the lights go down and he closes his eyes,
He’s still missing the one who he can’t call his wife

One day your senses will rise like the sun,
The truth, not blind to see
Your world will come crashing while blissful he sleeps,
“The one he longs for, isn’t me”

He’ll fight with belief “It just isn’t so!”,
And promise that it’s only you
Only you, yes, that fills both time and space,

While his heart, his past love pursues

So just walk away and swallow your pride,
In truth, there is nothing lost
But a Man that lives in his memory,
Still fighting for her, at your cost



Art:gustave caillebotte le pont de l europe


3 Comments to “The Bridge of Hope”

  1. rippingly sad vignette that I suspect is more common than I know

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