A Soil For Free

by Venkat


in the blink of an eye
humans so multiply
reaching earth’s corners
yet turning into loners

multiply so, the needs
unaware where it leads
consuming love at once
in a hurry, as time runs

as fruits dancing in air
to ripen faster, look fair
by a heaviness we fall
from roots that kept us tall

why cannot love multiply
as humans do on the fly
why do we not ever know
the rate needed to grow

children we are, of same tree
made in the same soil for free
yet we compare, to divide
measuring heights, every side

be the fruit high or bending low
be it below an eagle or a crow
of shape, oblong, oval or round
by identical threads, we are bound

equal yet in freedom of experience
on the same wings in every sense
the differences we see, made unreal
being feathers of one bird, surreal

image: sarahmosko.wordpress.com


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