The Fool I Am

by Venkat


does a flower ever wish to ‘become’?
to be beautiful
does the sun ever ‘want’ to shine?
to shed its glow
does a lion ever ‘acquire’ strength?
to rule the jungle

the fool I am

in every word
in every feeling
in every thought

trying to become
what I already am

wanting to possess
what lies ever in hand

attempting to gain
what exists in my nature


6 Comments to “The Fool I Am”

  1. Yes, but yesterday smolt had to run to the sea, today to make today’s arduous trek back upsteam there to die so that tomorrow’s salmon has a chance to be . . . Existence is hard work! Blessings . . .

  2. So true and yet there is a place for strengthening our muscles through practice

  3. Flowers, the sun, a lion – know contentment. Lack thereof seems only to be a human trait, and always seems to leave us grasping for ‘more’. Excellent poem.

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