Do You Remember

by graypoet

Do you remember
When a drive through the countryside was enjoyable, the smell of freshly turned earth, mowed hay, not fields smelling like Waste Water Plants.

Do you remember
When the only wars we needed to be concerned about were gas wars.

Do you remember
When our children were taught the importance of manners not how to call lawyers or child protective services when they misbehaved.

Do you remember
When people were talked to or given the benefit of the doubt, not blasted on every form of social media when we thought there was a problem.

Do you remember
When dinner time was at a set time in the evening, that you were there with the family and whatever friends came over because your mother was making what they liked.

Do you remember sitting in front of a television and picking one of 3 channels to watch the movie of the week was a treat and the only thing we needed was more popcorn.


3 Comments to “Do You Remember”

  1. Well said, graypoet . . . Those days slipped through our fingers clutching our cell phones and flash drives . . . And they’re gone gone gone forever gone . . .

  2. “Yes”!!!! To all of the above!

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