Meditation Divine

by Heather's Starting End


Eyelids resting on peaceful closed eyes,
Holding the calm, inside of his mind
Muscles lay soft on the bones of his face,
At one with his world, tensions died

This vision of him, brings me down to the earth
A reminder that balance is mine
To conquer, control, this gift of the taking
As Buddha, in meditation Divine

So many days,
I lose my way
So many times,
Beauty goes blind

So many nights,
Tears for my sleep
So many moments I’ve failed to find

I’ve placed your sculpture to always be seen,
When morning sun wakes my eyes
You give me the nod of encouragement
From the nightstand of my bedside

Today my way,
It will be found
With beauty I’ll see
There will be no need,
To cry before sleep,
I’ll search for moments of life to reap

For those whom I love, but let down the same,
When my world and its balance gets thrown
I ask you for patience, as could just a human,
Without you, my life has no home



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