The long mile

by Jem Croucher


I walked the long mile under a darkening sky
The sun a warm glow to the west
With my toes in the water of a cool lapping sea
A smile at nature’s behest

The sand, smooth and rippled from an undertow’s pull
Revealed its rich treasure trove
Shells and small pebbles and other such things
Abandoned by the sea’s ebbing flow

The driftwood now sanded and caressed by the sea
Like flotsam on the high tide line
Finds its way in the twilight to my gathering now
Like diamonds, it’s glory, sublime

I walked the long mile as the day turned to night
And the people hid behind their closed doors
Alone with my feelings, I whispered a smile
At one with the sea on the shore

It is my solace, my strength, my enrichment, my gain
Though a soliloquy oft to deaf ears
It is my friend, the long mile, my treasure indeed
As it has been throughout all my years


4 Comments to “The long mile”

  1. Very beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. Hugs, Barbara

  2. Thank you Barbara. Big smiles!

  3. Very evocative of evening beach walks on holiday as a child. Thank you for taking me back.

  4. You’re very welcome Emily. 🙂

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