Lesson Of The Day (To Self)

by Venkat


it is time now, of sunset
to empty the mind, recollect
unroll those thoughts wound
from the long day you found

unpack life, undid on table
take your heart out, as cable
measure now the day’s content
things you did in each moment

feelings much, you touched upon
thoughts where you were ever gone
those which came never in mind
when listened, when turned blind

qualify not, into good or bad
into pleasure or pain you had
feel the unfelt, as a soul unchained
see what went in, what remained

know this mind as nature’s bottle
what lies within, vibrates subtle
in this short, simple exercise
you may assess your true price

in doing so, you humbly find
what you gobbled, what you grind
a knowledge, you think unwanted
often is the one taken for granted

may this lesson help you most
a daily routine as tea and toast
in knowing what makes your day
you will always find a better way

image: http://www.fredhoogervorst.com


2 Comments to “Lesson Of The Day (To Self)”

  1. A new daily prayer :)..with heart as the cable. soooo nice!

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